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It's up to you to see if you want to take risks in the hope of leaving with a lot of points, but with a chance to "lose everything" or if you prefer to ensure the thing with a more affordable level of difficulty. Your total number of points will be calculated according to the result, a technical bonus, FIFA 18 Coins Hack Free a bonus for goals scored, all multiplied by the difficulty bonus! As an example and for you to get an idea, if you finish Gold 1 , you will be entitled to 12400 credits, 2 gold premium jumbo packs and 1 gold premium players pack. If you finish Elite 1 , place at 39,800 credits and 2 mega packs and if you get to finish Top 1, up to 100000 credits, 2 rare mega packs and 2 ultimate packs. Knowing that there is no qualifying condition and that this is open to all, it's a fairly simple way to get free credits and packs to expand your collection!

FIFA 18 Hack

In parallel with this new mode of play more than welcome and well thought out, it is clear that the PvP side of the Ultimate Team (where you face other real players), nothing has really changed with this FIFA 18. While many hopes were based on a mini-recon of the FUT Champions , it will be nothing. We take FIFA 17 and we start again. You will need to qualify for the weekend league either by passing a qualifying tournament in the week (with or without duress) or then finishing FIFA 18 Coin Generator Division 1 in the online season mode. Nothing really shocking on this side, the system in question being quite legitimate.

Many players were hoping for an increase in the weekend league in terms of duration or a slight decrease in games to play. No change on it either, in order to be the highest possible, it will always play up to 40 gamesin a weekend to hope to finish Elite or even in the Top 100 for the best of you. A system that will continue to reward the most involved players who really do their best to become the best in FUT Champions. This is not a bad thing in itself, but we would have liked small changes compared to the version of FIFA 17. Do not forget that it is only the second year that this mode of play is present and that the first changes, if not made during the season, will probably arrive with FIFA 19.

Small novelty related to FUT Champions on the other hand with the arrival of the chain FUT Champs, which will allow you to watch the replays of the matches of the best players of the ranking. Whether as a simple entertainment or as a source of inspiration, replays can therefore have a non-negligible role.

Become the king of tense centers and instant strikes

We will end with the training mode or technical games that is obviously present in FIFA 18, as in all other FIFA in recent years (in parallel with the Arena of course). You will find FIFA 17 Cheats everything you need for you (re) put in the bath whether it is at the level of the passes , dribbling , defense or shooting . In each of these categories, you will find sub-categories (such as Shots, Advanced Shots, Free Kicks or Penalty for the Shooting category ) which themselves will offer you various mini-games.

Unless you are a complete neophyte and have never played FIFA, chances are you'll just go through the technical games to get a better score on the different games than your friends on the PSN, the ranking being displayed at the end of each event. The games are globally the same as last year, with some slight variations for some of them. Some games will still be quite Dragon Mania Legends tricky and you may have to spend several tens of minutes to get the A and a perfect score. On the other hand we noticed some small bugs on some games of the categories Coups Francs or Passes, where our player disappeared, forcing us to resume the technical game in question zero.